Joomla! Design & Development

New Line Web Design specializes in all things Joomla! including design, development, and customization. Work with an experienced Joomla! web design and development team that has built hundreds of Joomla! websites and trained countless developers around the world.

We begin our custom theme development with raw HTML/CSS and the latest front-end technologies to design elegant and modern UI’s. We then integrate our front end design and builds into the Joomla! platform to create a fresh and exciting custom project for you.

Joomla has been downloaded over 113,000,000 times!

Used by large and small businesses, Joomla! is a great solution for marketing websites, ecommerce, learning management systems and more.

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Joomla! Design & Development

We've built hundreds of Joomla websites. Take confidence knowing your site is built to Joomla! standards as Certified Joomla! Administrators.

Joomla! Maintenance

If you have an existing website and just need things maintained and updated, we've got that experienced team that can help support your website and business.

Joomla! Training

Want to learn all about Joomla so you can manage and update the website yourself? We've provided training sessions all over the world and can provide them in person or on-line.

Joomla! SEO

Technical SEO and On-Page SEO of Joomla websites to increase organic traffic and generate quality leads that convert.

Joomla! Extensions

We have vast experience with a wide variety of Joomla! extensions. From obscure extensions, to the most common, we've worked with many and we'll put our experience to work for you. We can even custom build them to fit your specific needs.

Joomla! Site Analysis

We'll analyse your website or project to determine the best design, layouts, Joomla components and plugins to implement on your website and help reach your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Joomla site rank high on Google?

Yes! We’ve helped many clients rank their Joomla sites high on Google. Search Engine Optimization involves many factors, as a CMS, Joomla is the perfect platform to rank high for your keywords.

Does New Line off-shore any work?

Absolutely Not! All work is done in-house by one of our developers. We are located just south of Nashville, TN in Franklin. We can schedule a call and discuss any project requirements. We often use the phone, Zoom or Google Meet to assist clients with any Joomla questions.

Looking to update your Joomla! site?

As an Official Certified Administrator, we know how to help you elevate your Joomla! site to the next level.

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